Founded in 1948 with 66 member companies engaged in the production of dyestuffs, pigments, tar intermediates, sweeteners, rubber chemicals and photochemicals.

During over 70 years since its foundation, the size and scope of business of members have successfully expanded in line with the economic growth of Japan. Along with the expansion of the market, other new companies have joined this association. Now the number of our members accounts for 107 companies with 20 associate members.

Today, issues of common interest can be generally classified into two groups; The first is to maintain competitive power of chemical industry in the rapidly changing and becoming borderless society.
The second is the environmental protection and the chemical safety management, which become more and more important worldwide.

Our members make every effort to achieve the above objectives. This association focuses on those members’ common objectives, listens to their voices and looks for the best solutions.


  • To clarify the needs of the whole members and meet their requirements.
  • To do the study and the research necessary for the development of business opportunities of member companies.
  • To provide members with networking opportunities and promote the high level of industry standards.
  • To contribute to the sound development and growth of the industry.


Chairman Sakae Toshiharu (CEO,   NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material Co.,Ltd.)
Vice Chairman Akahori Kingo (Representative Director, SUMITOMO CHEMICAL COMPANY, Ltd.)
Vice Chairman Takeda Yoshihisa (President,  Wakayama Seika Kogyo CO., Ltd.)
Managing Director Ikuo Harada
Directors 33 Directors
Auditors 4 Auditors