Safety of CICP

Since some CICPs consist elements such as Ni, Sb and Cr, CICPs sometimes have been regarded toxic as original elements. These misunderstandings and concerns have been spread out to the public.
In fact, CICP is very stable pigment and it is chemically inert. In general, most of CICPs are non-toxic although some may consist very low toxic substances.

JCICPA prepared articles of CICPs that have been confirmed as non-toxic and references about recognition in other countries and the current status for CICPs use.

Some CICP consist elements such as Nickel, Chrome, and Antimony oxides. These individual elements are carcinogenic and/or toxic, or they can be toxic if their oxidation numbers are different.
CICPs are not just mixed substances of metal oxides. They hold their original chemical structures so they are different substances from their raw materials.
The safety of CICPs are scientifically proved. The appearances of toxic substances decomposition after disposal are hardly occurred, so they are also environmentally friendly.

CICPs are approved their applications for food-contact packagings. The following references are current circumstance in some countries.


  1. CICPs approved by FDA (the U.S.)
  2. CICPs approved by JHOSPA and listed to Positive List (Japan)
  3. Limits for extractable impurity in the colorant for food-packaging
  4. Essential trace elements