What’s CICP

What’s Complex Inorganic Colored Pigment (CICP) ?

pigment-botlComplex Inorganic Colored Pigment (CICP) is solidified colored crystalline compound made by calcinating a mixture of more than two kinds of metal oxides at a high temperature, from 800℃ to 1200℃. Typical structures of CICP are rutile and spinel. As these structures exist in Nature, they are considered to be stable, safe and homogeneous. CICP is also called calcined pigments or Mixed Metal Oxides (MMO).
CICP has excellent fastness to chemicals and heat as well as to light and weathering. Thus, CICPs are used in a wide range of fields such as paintings, coatings, and ceramics. Varieties of colors for CICPs are available by arrangements of combination of metals applied.
The other applications in the future will be unlimited.